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Friday, Nov. 1, 2019

We will continue to work on the writing assignment for the Jobs unit. Students will brainstorm three different jobs they want and describe the duties of these jobs. Choose one of these jobs to write about. Make a plan, explaining three duties of this job and three reasons why you want this job. Then students will use their plans to write a rough draft paragraph. Be sure to skip lines and include some vocabulary words from the unit. Students should also include sentences with I want to”, “I like to”, and “I need to” + base verbs in the paragraph.

Once students finish the first, rough draft, they will work with partners to edit and revise their paragraphs. Students will check that their partner included three duties and three reasons why he/she wants the job. Then students will write a final good copy. Students need to hand in the Plan and Write paper, their first, rough drafts, and their final good copies (for marks). We will finish this assignment next week.

Here is Mel’s writing example from today’s class:

Reminder: There will be a test on Monday, Nov. 4 on the jobs unit.

More Information about the articles, a, an, the and the zero article (ΓΈ ):