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Helpful English Links

Websites for English Grammar – Spelling – Vocabulary

(Practice that can be done outside class)

Do you occasionally have spare time and you’re near a computer? Here are some websites that will help you improve your English language skills.

The OWL-Perdue Writing Lab:

The first link, below, is for the main page.

The link, below, is for the lessons on YouTube.

Please check these sites, and listen to the lessons on YouTube. You will find them very helpful in all aspects of your writing.

Word Order Videos

English Tenses in 28 Minutes Video

Dave’s ESL Café

This website has many, many resources for EAL students. Use it!

The English Maven

This site has many links to quizzes and other resources for EAL students.

English Grammar Secrets

This site contains many exercises to help you improve your English grammar.

English Pronunciation Practice

This site will help you with hard to differentiate English pronunciations.

Tumble Readables (Use code number 23097)

Grab your headphone and go to Tumble Readables!

“It has 125 read-along titles (plus 100 large print titles) including picture books, early readers, chapter books, middle school readers, teen novels, children’s classics, classics including Shakespeare.” (Winnipeg Public Library)

My Canada (Use code number 23097)

If you’re new to Canada or you’re an immigrant, this site could be very useful to you. “My Canada provides new immigrants and learners with information about the history and customs of Canada and day-to day activities such as going to the doctor and handling money.” (Winnipeg Public Library)

The Academic Word List Exercises

Here, you’ll find exercises that focus on the most common words found in high school and college level English

Longman’s Dictionary Online

This is my favourite online dictionary because it uses common words to describe more complicated words.

Free Rice

Grammar  practice can be found here with multiple choice questions that get progressively harder. The website receives money from advertisers and, in return, donates rice to countries based on how many correct answers the players get.

Paragraph Punch

This site gives you writing ideas for practicing your English.

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