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Thursday, Oct. 24, 2019

Students will start class with a Daily Editing warm-up assignment and we will correct it together.

We will continue working on the JOBS unit.  Students will discuss the types of jobs they would like and wouldn’t like to have and the reasons why. Students will also work on a vocabulary skill involving word forms. Some words are both nouns and verbs. They look the same, but they work differently in a sentence. A noun refers to a person, place, object or idea. A verb refers to an action. Learning to use the same word in different forms helps build your vocabulary. We will practice using this vocabulary skill by writing sentences using the same word as a noun and as a verb.

Example: PLAN

Noun: His plan is to go on vacation next month. Verb: I plan activities for people in my office.

We will also look at using articles with nouns in sentences and prepositions with verbs. There is more information about these topics below.

REMINDER: There is NO SCHOOL on Friday, Oct. 25. Have a nice long weekend! 🙂

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Prepositions with Verbs: