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Friday, Nov. 8, 2019

We will finish some old assignments today, do some Michelle Obama work, and read about Remembrance Day. Students will also learn about Predicates.

What is a Predicate?


The predicate of the sentence is the part that contains the action. It is the part of the sentence that is not the subject, and includes all the descriptions of the action and the objects that are affected by the action. Take this example:

  • Mary likes to run at the public park.

The question you can ask yourself here is, “What does Mary do”? The answer, likes to run at the public park, is the predicate. Notice that the predicate includes the verb in the sentence (likes) and all the rest of the words that describes what she likes.

When you have multiple nouns, the concept is the same. The entirety of the sentence that excludes the subject is the predicate. If the sentence has objects, either direct or indirect, they are part of the predicate.

  • My brother throws him the ball.

In this sentence, throws him the ball is the predicate.

Predicates Examples in Command

In a command sentence, the entirety of the sentence is usually the predicate.

  • Do your homework!

For this example, do your homework is the predicate. The subject, the implied you, has no influence on the rest of the sentence.


There is NO SCHOOL on Monday, Nov. 11 for Remembrance Day.

Timetables for the Special Language Exams are here. Go to the Guidance Office to get your timetables.  The exams are on Nov. 19-21.

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